Saturday, February 23, 2019
2019 Ambassador Program

What you get as an Ambassador:

  1.    Earn commission from each referral transaction.
  2.    Earn new free SweatNET swag as you level up.
  3.    Earn photo shoots and free memberships based on your activity.
  4.    Gain access to spreading your “word” / personal brand messages.
  5.    Make Connections and gain new clients in the fitness community
  6.    Earn a Car?
Level 1 – Beginner

SweatNET Pink Shirt with Logo


  1.    Fill out ambassador onboarding form
  2.    Sign up for your SweatNET membership
  3.    Write an article for SweatNET’s website
  4.    Email [email protected] your ambassador referral link
  5.    Link to SweatNET from your website and/or social
  6.    Share any SweatNET post using your referral link on Facebook
  7.    Share any event using your referral link on Facebook
  8.    Setup your payment information in your account to receive payments

Earns: Free SweatNET T-Shirt
Benefits: Invited to join the SweatNET Facebook Group + 20% commission on referrals

Level 2 – Intermediate 


  1.    Write 2 articles for SweatNET’s Website
  2.    Refer 1 Member to SweatNET
  3.    Attend 1 SweatNET event

Earns: SweatNET Premium Water Bottle
Benefits: Invited to join the SweatNET Facebook Group, 1 event/quarter promoted on SweatNET calendar + 20% commission on referrals

Level 3 – Advanced


  1.    Refer 3 members to join SweatNET (active)
  2.    Attend 1 SweatNET event (hosted by SweatNET)
  3.    Share 2 posts using your referral link on Facebook
  4.    Share 2 events using your referral link on Facebook

Earns: SweatNET Premium Yoga Mat
Benefits: Invited to join the SweatNET Facebook Group, Get listed + linked back to on SweatNET Website Community Page, 1 promoted event/month on SweatNET calendar

Level 4 – Premier


  1.    Refer 10 Members to Join SweatNET (active)

Earns: Host an event with Profit Sharing (SweatNET powered event)*for every 10 members referred to SweatNET, 2nd photoshoot
Benefits: Invited to join the SweatNET Facebook Group, Get listed on SweatNET Website, Advertise 2 events/month on SweatNET Calendar + Newsletter, Record 1 podcast bi-annually, Use of SweatNET equipment for events ad hoc,

Level 5 – Master


  1.    Refer and maintain 75 members to join SweatNET (active)

Earns: SweatNET Blue Mini Cooper S 2-Door
Benefits: YOU GET A MINI.
Fine Print: It’s a lease – You don’t own the car. You are responsible for insuring the vehicle. If your referred memberships drop below 75 for two consecutive months you must return the vehicle.

Why Share: We’ve all heard the saying “Sharing is caring.” However, beyond that, sharing is at the core of what we are here at SweatNET. Our goal is to share various workout options with people looking to find options that work for them. Fitness is not one-size-fits-all. The benefits don’t stop at helping others…quite simply put, sharing makes you money by getting your referral link out into the world. People who click on your “shares” even for articles or events that you did not write will still give you the referral credits!


Sharing gets the word out to people looking to workout… Sharing makes fitness accessible… Sharing lets people know what you think is “cool.” Sharing will get more people to YOUR events. Sharing builds your audience. Sharing makes you money… It’s caring. You care don’t you?


Why Post: While social media is one of the most easily accessible media, our traditional articles and blog posts tend to be our most engaging and impactful with our audience. With tens of thousands of monthly readers, content featured on the front page of SweatNET is highly engaged and shared. Posting is the best way to get people to know about you personally…Posting gets you referrals.


Why Attend: Meeting people in real life is far and away the best way to build a crew. This is how people come to your classes or your studio. Even if you are a CrossFit kid, coming to a yoga event is a great way to meet new people interested in fitness.

Looking for a photoshoot? Every 3 members or 5 articles earns access to 1 SweatNET photoshoot.

Want a free month of SweatNET? Refer 2 new members, write a blog post and share 2 events per month.

Questions? We’re happy to help! Just shoot us an email or give us a buzz

*All activity is self reported by the individual and verified by SweatNET.

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